A unique combination of Unrefined Shea Butter with Cypress French Essential oil gives relaxing uplifted feel to your skin. This blend creates the mind-body-spirit connection with a natural product. Our shea butter made with cypress french essential oil, locks in moisture and leave your skin soft and supple all day long. Cedar has been long time used as traditional medicine to First Nations curing sickness and is often used to bless and create sacred space and good energy. Cedar is one of four sacred medicines. True cedar is burnt while praying to great mystery in meditation and used as purifier to attract goodness in your directions. The aroma is deep wilderness, clean, sweet and purifying! THE HERBACEOUS, EVERGREEN SCENT OF CYPRESS is spiritually grounding and tends to enhance the sense of security. Cypress oil promotes circulation and discourages stagnation, and is used to decongest and detoxify the lymphatic system. It's also often used for menstrual cramps and to relax muscle spasms. Cypress oil may also help relieve insomnia and a number of other conditions. It's interesting that the word "cypress" comes from a Greek word meaning "to live forever." This soothing shea butter contains a full 2% cypress essential oil, not just a hint! WHO WANTS TO WEAR SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES . . . when they can wear the REAL THING? The luscious scent of these natural essential oils blended with our shea butter will blow you away! Feel how kindly absorbs and protects real oil, which came from the fruit seeds. You may feel how sun and nature energy have concentrating in one drop and you can do more with love, care then with a large amount of useless fluid.

Shea Butter with Pure Soothing Cypress Essential

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