Soothing - Calming - Reduces Anxiety

Crystal Infused Candles Made with Natural Soy Wax, Hand Poured and Made Locally in Broome using recyclable tins.

By making our products in small batches or to order, you are always guaranteed to receive the freshest of products with high quality scents that smell amazing.

We are also happy to refill glass or ceramic jars or tins even if they were not originally purchased in our store.

Please note burn time of the candle may vary due to the temperature, length of time the candle is burned and location of the candle.

Regular Single Wick Size: 8.7cm W x 3.7cm H  Weight: 105 grams

Large 3 Wick Size: 13.5cm W x 5.2cm H  Weight: 350 grams

Amazonite is an extremely calming stone that helps to sooth emotions, reduce anxiety, worries and fears. Can also be used to release both irritating and negative energy from the body. Helps rejuvenate the throat chakra enhancing communication.

Amazonite Crystal Infused Soy Wax Candle

SKU: amazonite-crystal-infused-soy-1169781087
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