The Decision

I found myself in the chaos. The storm is usually where discover our magic. As a black girl in the deep south spirituality was always something that was rooted in religion. My glimpses into this world came from my summers in the country with my great grandmother, Alma. She let me be free and it shows up in everything that I do today. I grounded myself daily before I even knew it running barefoot in the sand & grass that surrounded her house. It always silently called my name no matter how much I tried to be "normal". What was normal anyway....I decided that I would no longer live in the box. Everything around me started to change. I suddenly had no desire for certain things and through life's various lessons I'd developed the wisdom of a hundred women. Now I just had to apply it and listen shadow work is no easy thing. It calls for you looking directly in the mirror no matter what and being 150% honest with yourself. You've been called to heal yourself.

So let me clear this up now. Healing is everlasting. It doesn't stop. Each time you experience something, how you respond from the last several experiences is what counts. If you don't answer what speaks to your soul; you'll die inside everyday. Once you start to discover things that heal you; it hard to unsee it. I guess I'm here to say that through several methods you can ease into it but you must first make a solid decision. First realizing that everyones walk is different. I started off wanting to know where I came from. I wanted to be authentic in at least knowing what my roots were. Once I did that it was like everything feel into place. Finding your place in the world is a trip. Some things I fought other things I went willingly. I believe we are called.

You make a move to integrity first. Well for me. Being. Who you say you are. Being conscious of your decisions in what you feed your mind, body, and soul. The phases of studying your new purpose. Putting it into the world and passing on information that will help them grow. My journey has just been planting the seeds. My health played a very large part in me moving towards a different lifestyle as well. I didn't want to intentionally and knowingly handicap myself from living out my purpose. It's more than the physical. Where you are mentally plays an integral role in your body as well. There's a lot of shadow work. Being honest with ourselves about why we do things. Being honest with ourselves about the fact that it was us holding ourselves back all along. I found stagnancy in blaming others when essentially even at their worst you still make the decision. Once you get out of the habit in assuming it is about you....thats a level up. Your true thoughts count with Spirit. Your intention. Moving through the day to day; one would assume integrity is just engrained in us. But it is something that you build overtime.

So what are you deciding exactly. You're deciding to move as your true self in a world that's constantly telling you not to. You're deciding to honor your integrity. You're deciding to think outside the box and exam yourself more than you do others.

Trusting your intuition. That gut feeling...your first thought. That's the key. If your body tells you something listen. Spend time with your body in nature and silence. Most people think the decision is easy but it's filled with lessons that will shape you. Growth is uncomfortable but pressure makes diamonds. My goal is to make this transition easier for myself and others.

  1. Gather information about your family and background

  2. What are your intentions? What is it that you're looking for?

  3. Check your diet. Physically and Spiritually.

  4. Implement Affirmations & Meditation

  5. Make a plan by journaling.

  6. Learn breathing exercises.

  7. Share information.

  8. Cleanse your space and your body (more on that next blog)

  9. Consult Spirit. Eat the meat & spit out the bones from everyone else.

Those were some tips that I felt may help someone else in their journey. I'm glad to have you on this journey with me. I look forward to sharing everything that I know.

Love, Roshi

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