The Black Beauty Renaissance

Goodbye beauty culture as we once knew it. Now a days it seems like the new normal isn't so bad after all because racism within the industry shouldn't have been tolerated in the first place. We've grown from the need to blend in with crowd. What a powerful feeling to In fact, we are now the standard by which culture trends beauty. Everyone is watching what we'll do next. I'm calling this a renaissance because once the dust settles a surge of independent black beauty brands will lead the way.

It's something about getting fly that our culture has loved for centuries. From the jewelry we wear to the type of braids we have this month. Black women believe in and love self care. It's no surprise the beauty industry has soared to the billion dollar status because of our buying power. We have also become the chunk of small business owners all over the world. With the help of the internet and social media we have also been able to spread education and resources for young girls that come behind us.

When COVID-19 came into play the culture was brought back to more natural beauty treatments and at home self-care. Millions of people were laid off and as a result tons of new beauty businesses were started at home. Some were also started as a means to gain a side hustle. Did you notice the shift too? A very positive on at that!! I saw so many of my friends joining in on my love for the pretty hustle. Sometimes life throws you curve balls that result in the best thing that could ever happen to you. The birth of a hustle.

We are ahead of the game as people discover new ways to self care in forms of beauty. As a business owner this movement is inspiring and I long to make my print. There's much more to this than making a dollar. Being apart of history and building up generations to follow is what's on the menu. The love of the beauty game is what has keep most of us going. Along with our natural instinct to provide for ourselves and our families.

A revolution to say the least. Respect and admiration for the art and service that we provide. A love and passion for the culture that runs through our veins.


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