Beauty is Skin Deep

Updated: Feb 17

Bae is getting on your nerves and it shows on your face sis!

Oh you mad?! Your face can tell. Let's address why you're having those breakouts post breakup from an ex bae! Eating too much of a good thing? How do you protect your skin?!

What you do on the inside affects your skin outside.

How you process your emotions and daily feels have a tremendous effect on your skin.

“Beauty is beyond skin deep .”

The Skinny on Holistic Skincare

Holistic skincare is the maintenance and care of the skin while considering points such as mind, body, and spirit. The whole you! Everything you do affects your skin which is by the way; the biggest organ on your body. What can you actually do in your lifestyle that will change the way your skin processes stress, diet, aging, and day to day life.

Holistically speaking we would explore treating the whole you; to get to better skin. What can you do differently in your diet, exercise routine, and spiritually? We can't have one without the other. There is a tremendous need for skincare professionals who think about what a client is doing entirely to treat the skin. If we can educate you guys about how to maintain; the result is great skin. It's ultimately about prevention and maintenance.

Developing a routine builds confidence. You have to maintain. I repeat you have to maintain. Follow up and continue to use the products. The more you learn about your mental and diet...the better.

I would like to develop plans for my clients that cover all these things and circle back to the realm of skincare. Let's heal you spiritually to get to a calm place in your mental. Calm skin is clear skin.

Sizing up the issues at hand give you a head start. Don't let that breakup with Tyrone mess with your skin this week girl!

The Point

Treat your skin like it's as deep as an ocean and it will love you back. Don't hide from what might be ailing you and work yourself inside out. Try out holistic skincare and maintain your skin correctly.

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Treat yourself this week.


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