Life After Lash Extensions

Getting ready has a new meaning in these times. Now that we have been placed in quarantine; you're probably wondering what's best practice as far as transitioning from lash extensions. Caring for your natural lashes is now more important than ever. I've included a few tips and products that you can use to remove lash extensions. Explore different products available to you that encourage hair growth.

First, brush and clean the lashes with a bacteria fighting cleanser. Making a mix is simple and can be done with baby shampoo and baking soda. Once washed make sure to steam your face in the shower or with a hand held steamer. The steam will loosen the adhesive. Use a mascara wand to brush through the lashes gently removing them. Please don't pull or tug at lashes!! Follow the steaming up with coconut oil or shea butter. This will aid in removing the extensions safely. This method will take time but if done over a series of days; it will save your natural lashes.

I have Pretty Cush Oil available for those of you who need a consistent routine and/or treatment for your natural lashes. This oil includes select herbs that not only repair hair follicles but also encourage hair growth long after you stop using it. The oil is blended and stored over time so that you get the maximum effect. These very herbs have helped keep my natural lashes long and healthy.

Let me know how it's going? Comment below with your progress and questions.


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