How To Get Your Best Brow

Updated: Feb 17

What if your best brows were around the corner? What if you were able to achieve a natural brow with arches fit for your face. This takes time but it's worth the journey. Let's explore what makes your brows magic.

Finding My Shape!

Shape is based on where your arches appear at certain points.

Overtime just about every woman has either completely butchered her brows or simply does nothing!

Here's how you find your perfect shape no matter what your brow situation is sis.

  1. Take your brow brush and align it with your nose and inner brow. Straight up and down now. If it goes past you'll have the image of a unibrow! You need space to blend the inner brow.

  2. Next, making sure the brow brush is aligned with the base of your nose; take it and move it until you feel the bone at the base of your brow. That is where your arch belongs.

  3. You made it! Now the last step in finding your brow shape is to move the brush towards the outer corner of your eye. The upper tip of that aligned with the distance from your arch is where your tail belongs.

Book The Makeup Sessions | Brows

Learning the shape of your brow enables you to have your best natural face! You just learned how to give yourself a natural facial girl! Yes you heard me you now know how to lift your face naturally. Need to dig deeper into your brows? Schedule a Makeup Session with Roshi. $90 for 90 mins of your best brow future.


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