Dear Tribe,

So today started off like many others. Thanking Spirit, Meditating,Stretching, being La Bonita Jefa & Mama Cush. Except this time I was following my purpose. I decided without a shadow of a doubt that I would by all means become something I'd only dreamed of. Really it was me coming back into my true state. For years, I flowed with the status quo of the path our parents all tell us to follow. Then boom you look up college is done, you're a few hustles in and life has happened to you. I decided that I wouldn't just let life happen to me. I would create the life that best fit my family and myself. It's easy to to let the time go by you know. There's a lot to consider when you decide to heal. Sometimes we heal willing but most of the time we come kicking and screaming.

There's no right way to do it I suppose. But you have to show up. That's the point. Showing up. I don't believe in perfect. Well not the way people tend to define it. To perfect something is to truly refine it. Over and over. That's what it means to perfect a thing or well heal. I started this journey in the beauty business to provide for my family in a way that appealed to my creativity. Imagine. The journey of cycling through. Realizing that while you're healing others, it's also time to heal yourself in a more active way. Today was different but in a really good way. I see what's ahead of us. I'm more than happy to bring us back to where we all started. More women need to scream it. Where we come from in beauty, wellness, spiritually, and lifestyle.

If you're on this path. Pull up. We can do this together.

As the sun gets ready to set and we close market. I just wanna say...... Love yours. Whatever that means for you. Even when it's hard. Love harder. But love yourself first. If you're not good neither is anyone around you. Kick your feet up and have your wind down time. You deserve it. We made it another day.

-La Bonita Jefa

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