Breast Cancer & CBD

The very thought of having to readjust your life to accommodate an illness is more than enough to encourage a shift. Breast cancer is one of those illnesses that requires a life shift. Natural treatment has grown to be the best option for lots of women. Not only to heal the effects of it; but to maintain it. There are several ways that you could bring cbd into your process. The fact is along with other life changes this could be problem solver for more than just this disease.

While breast cancer can occur in both women and men, it’s much more common in women. It’s a form of a tumor tissue that creates small lumps in the breast. In terms of medical help, CBD should be used as a starting treatment before cancer enters the metastasis stage.

CBD is a natural and traditional method of cancer treatment, and it reduces the tumor size and hopefully eradicates it without any side effects. 

Breast cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy, but this treatment regime comes with extreme side effects including nerve and organ tissue damage, pain, etc. Symptoms of nerve damage include tingling and numbing sensations in the patient’s hands and feet. Nerve damage to the patient’s leg condition is called neuropathy, and it’s known to cause severe pain. One of the very first medical benefits of CBD is to help reduce that pain by providing relief. If used in a proper and carefully planned way, CBD can help ease prolonged neuropathic pain

The biggest problem in breast cancer is metastasis, and the leading cause of metastatic breast cancer is the Id-1 gene. This gene’s primary function is to initiate cell differentiation, which induces the growth of cancer cells in the breast.

Due to its anti-metastatic properties, cannabidiol can potentially help inhibit this gene as well as its migration and proliferation, preventing cancer from spreading.

The chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer frequently causes patients to feel nausea that can lead to severe vomiting. Since chemotherapy includes heavy drugs, these drugs tamper with the brain’s chemistry, tricking the brain into identifying the drugs as a foreign body. The brain activates its own chemicals to protect the body by making patients feel nauseous and expelling toxins by vomiting. Nausea and vomiting in turn lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and weakness.

Fortunately, CBD can help, as it has antiemetic effects that help fight these symptoms and manage them. The patient can ease these symptoms by taking CBD oil.

Osteoporosis is a health condition that manifests as decreased bone mineral density. It’s quite common in breast cancer patients. Endocrine treatment and chemotherapy are the most common ways of dealing with breast cancer, but both of these methods have adverse effects on the patient’s bones.

In addition to that, patients also face infertility and experience low oestrogen levels, all symptoms which are known to contribute towards osteoporosis. However, regular use of CBD oil can help stop this condition from developing and prevent fractures and improve bone health whilst also stimulating bone growth.

CBD also provides benefits for the patient’s circulatory system and heart health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce damage to the heart cells. Since CBD is a potent antioxidant, it helps provide stress relief and prevent heart disease.

CBD is helpful for breast cancer patients. While it can’t heal cancer itself, it can provide valuable relief from traditional treatment methods and slow down the tumour’s progression. At the moment, studies are being undertaken to ascertain how exactly CBD can help fight breast cancer, as well as other similar health conditions and illnesses.

This October & always we join this fight with you. To continue to educate and provide valuable resources for breast cancer patients.

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