Pretty Cush Coffee Scrubs
  • Pretty Cush Coffee Scrubs


    Looking for something to diminish dark spots while moisturizing dry skin? This raw sugar coffee scrub has just the right amount of exfoliation for glow. Ensemble herbs with CBD oil for a combo your skin can use everyday. Healing honey not only cleanses but it provides antioxidants too. No worries if your skin is sensitive because the ingredients were put together for it to love on even most precious place.


    Smooth as silk. That's what comes to mind when you think of our handmade coffee scrub on your skin. Our special oil blend caresses the skin and leaves it hydrated. Skin stabalizing cbd oil keeps sebum down and helps inflammatory issues. Stimulating coffee exfoliates the skin revealing healthy layers beneath. Gentle enough for daily use.  We recommend treating yourself at least twice a day. 


    Use it all over!!!


    Special Uses:

    Acne Treatment


    Cellulite Reduction

    Vitamin B3- Skin Cancer

    Dark Circles

    After Suncare


    Anti- inflammatory




    Contains 3500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil 



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