Cush Box

Cush Box


Nourish your skin and your soul with our November Cush Box.  This month's box gives you a chance to try our products out in full and sample sizes. 


Here's what's inside:


CBD Facial Serum


Made with premium grade, 100% natural ingredients

Gives the user a highly concentrated dose of CBD to help moisturize and cleanse the skin

Helps maintain overall skin health while giving skin a radiance and "natural glow"

Rich with natural ingredients

1000MG CBD

1 Fl. oz. / 30 ml.



CBD Facial Oil


The foundation is the most important part of any structure. Including yourself. Introduce your face to this moisturizing, non pore clogging liquid gold. Even if you have sensitive skin you can use it twice a day with our day and nighttime routine. Abundant and enriching a little goes a long way. Cbd has powerful antioxidants, improves sleep, and has anti-inflammatory agents that can help treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reduce acne. A special blend of olive oil, myrrh oil and cbd oil top off this handmade facial oil.  


Each 2oz bottle contains aprox. 500 mg of cbd oil in it. 


Pretty Cush Coffee Scrub (sample)


Smooth as silk. That's what comes to mind when you think of our handmade coffee scrub on your skin. Our special oil blend caresses the skin and leaves it hydrated. Skin stabalizing cbd oil keeps sebum down and helps inflammatory issues. Stimulating coffee exfoliates the skin revealing healthy layers beneath. Gentle enough for daily use.  We recommend treating yourself at least twice a day. 


Use it all over!!!


Special Uses:

Acne Treatment


Cellulite Reduction

Vitamin B3- Skin Cancer

Dark Circles

After Suncare


Anti- inflammatory




Pretty Cush Sea Moss Mask (sample)


Welcome to the top floor of natural skincare. This organic seamoss mask is full of every nutrient the skin needs to flourish. It is hyrdating and healing with Vitamin E as a major component. It heals and treats acne, excema, as well as psorasis. It tightens your pores and gives you a youthful glow. Turmeric aids in toning the skin and treating hyperpigmentation. Honey is another nourishing agent we placed in this mask.  It assists  with moisturizing and treating scars. 



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