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Dear Tribe,

We wanted to give the experience of having natural beauty supply store options all housed in one spot. Our dedication to supporting other small business vendors gives us variety with products. We believe that people invested in a natural beauty lifestyle deserve to have safe space to shop for their essentials.

Our decision to explore cbd as the primary ingredient in our natural skincare line was an easy one. The herb has a variety of benefits within skincare and healthcare that have been studied heavily over the last 10 years. Fresh herbs and flowers are added to the skincare mixtures to maximize the benefits of each product. We wanted to give our customers the feeling of luxury through naturally sourced products and custom options. All of our products are handmade weekly by Master Herbalist & Esthetician, Roshi.

Our promise to you is to always supply you with ethically sourced natural  products. We guarantee results with consistent and intentional use. The luxury of customizing your necessities with engulfing scents and healing will always be an option for you.  

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.  As we strive to educate, inspire, and supply you with quality products that deliver. Explore with confidence. 

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-Pretty Cush + Cush Dispensary 


Birmingham , Al  

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